Sunday, January 15, 2017


Have you ever created a life map? 

If not, I recommend it. I recently had the opportunity to create and share my life map. Starting with birth, I graphed the high points, low points, significant people, and times when God's presence was undeniable.

The process revealed so much more than I expected. I saw God's work in ways that I hadn't realized when I walked through the chapters of life.

I am a lover of fiction, so thinking of life in chapters is natural for me. I toyed with writing for many years but when the chapter of life called retirement approached, I knew I needed something more. Otherwise, my life as an elementary principal, surrounded by kids, teachers, and parents, would morph into emptiness. I couldn't let that happen.

God so graciously took my writing hobby and grew it exponentially. Today I spend my days with writing buddies, both face-to-face and online. Other people spring to life in my stories and keep me company. The transition from the world of academia to becoming an author has been a seamless gift from God.

You can see me pictured here signing a contract for my first novel. Thank you for joining me during this chapter.